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Mukhtar Nama 720p Vs 1080p

Mukhtar Thaqafi is one of the main characters and the real hero of the story. He is on the top of all the mukhtars. He is a prominent leader, commonly known for his call to justice, while others live in total anarchy or tyranny. After his release from prison, he decides to go to Mahra, where he feels that there are still some remnants of the rebellion. He is reunited with his loyal supporters, who believe that there is still time to restore Iraq before the Seljuks/Yazids retake the country. Mukhtar begins his journey back to Iraq, with the support of his people. With only a few followers, they travel to a city, called Rayy, located near Al Qa'im. They meet the leaders of Rayy, which includes Muawiyya, a man who Mukhtar trusts after a conversation of two days. Mukhtar and Muawiyya work together to make sure that Mukhtar does not get arrested.

mukhtar nama 720p vs 1080p

While on his way back to Iraq, Mukhtar discovers that the old resistance fighters are preparing to attack. After a battle with the resistance fighters, Mukhtar and his men retreat from Rayy. They travel back to Iraq and find that Kufa has been sealed off by the Umayyad, under the leadership of Ziyad. Mukhtar sets out to open a road back to Kufa. He meets Alhassan and Alhajjaj and they promise to help him get back to Kufa. He also meets with the leaders of the resistance and they agree to help him. They also agree to give them a secret message for Mukhtars army. Mukhtar learns that the army was in contact with Kufa and he goes there. He meets with the leader of the resistance and they exchange oaths of trust. Mukhtar goes back to Kufa and prepares the army to march out. A column of 700s soldiers is marched towards Iraq. The rebellion leaders and some of Mukhtars army march with them. They become united. Mukhtar with his army of 700 crosses the Sulaiman mountains and meets the caliph and his army at Karbala.

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