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Firmware For Pirelli Drg A225g

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Firmware For Pirelli Drg A225g

NB: A short circuit between pins RX and TX at power up puts the device in a recovery mode with IP from where a new firmware can be uploaded. OpenWrt binaries are refused, though, because of invalid CRC.

The OpenWrt firmware don't provide by default webui. just telnet interface.To configure the modem through the web interface you should install WebUI (like Luci).To do that you can follow the instructions

However, I am new to all this, so I wonder:(4) Which files did you use(5) What exact procedure did you follow [I looked at this , but it doesn't quite apply to our device.](6) Can I just use the Router's web interface to upgrade the firmware to one of the files above [I.e. what is involved in producing a proper .rmt file](7) Finally, my goal is to use it as a wireless bridge, or, as a last resort, a Wifi modem to an old PC. Do you think this is possible

First of all you will not find the firmware in trunk directory, you have to make it with applied pacth.Second, i changed the 125G board name from PirelliGateW2+ to 96348GW (via serial), i will make a fix to PirelliGateW2+And the last, at the moment firmware upgrade is possible only from serial (i am working on it to make it possible via web, it is my first board:)

(2) Then there is the Firmware you are patching. a) Which firmware did you use to start with (There is a long list of different ones above, which one is it) b) How did you compile it Please try to be specific here. c) How did you upload it to the router via Serial cable (I.e. What software, commands and procedure did you use)

PS. The Pirelli DRG A226G is also very popular here, so if THIS firmware works, then it may be easy to get it to work on that model as well. in addition it is possible that most of the older Thomson based DRG A225G.v2 firmware is used also in the A125G, although I have no proof of this.

In the meantime I'd like to understand the factory firmware better. Do you (or anyone else) have a good idea on how to decompress/extract the .img and/or the .rmt files I would be very happy for any suggestion about that.

(1) For those who doesn't already know, forget trying to upload new Pirelli firmware images via web interface, unless it has the appropriate .img format. The .rmt images are hashed in a way that is still unknown. But we're working on it. Please see this thread.

Those pinouts are need to be connected with USB to SERIAL adapter so you can communicate with serial console to bootloader of device and stop the boot process so you can input custom command for flashing non oem firmware.

eg. flashimage [hostip:]compressed_image_file_nameor es: flashimage es: flashimage firmware.bin 1e1e36bf2d

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