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Stromae - Cheese (Lossless) (2010) __EXCLUSIVE__

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Stromae - Cheese (Lossless) (2010) __EXCLUSIVE__


Stromae - Cheese (Lossless) (2010): A Review

Stromae is a Belgian singer-songwriter and producer who rose to fame with his hit single "Alors On Danse" in 2009. His debut album, Cheese, was released in 2010 and features a mix of electronic, hip-hop and house music. The album showcases Stromae's unique style and voice, as well as his witty and sometimes sarcastic lyrics.

The album contains 12 tracks, including the radio edit and a 90's remix of "Alors On Danse". The opening track, "Bienvenue Chez Moi", is a catchy introduction that invites the listener to Stromae's world. The song has a playful tone and a catchy chorus that repeats "Welcome to my home". The second track, "Te Quiero", is a melancholic ballad that expresses Stromae's love for a woman who doesn't love him back. The song has a Spanish influence and a dramatic chorus that sings "I love you, I love you, I love you". The third track, "Peace Or Violence", is a upbeat song that criticizes the media and the society for promoting violence and war. The song has a catchy hook that says "Peace or violence, it's the same thing". The fourth track, "Rail De Musique", is a funky song that compares music to drugs. The song has a groovy bass line and a humorous chorus that sings "Music is my rail of cocaine".

The fifth track, "Alors On Danse", is the hit single that made Stromae famous. The song is a dance anthem that depicts the escapism and the emptiness of modern life. The song has a catchy synth melody and a simple chorus that sings "So we dance". The sixth track, "Summertime", is a sunny song that celebrates the summer season. The song has a tropical vibe and a cheerful chorus that sings "Summertime, summertime, summertime". The seventh track, "Dodo", is a lullaby that tells the story of a child who dreams of becoming famous. The song has a soothing melody and a sweet chorus that sings "Dodo, dodo, dodo". The eighth track, "Silence", is a duet with singer Katerine that explores the theme of silence and communication. The song has a minimalist arrangement and a harmonious chorus that sings "Silence, silence, silence".

The ninth track, "Je Cours", is a fast-paced song that expresses Stromae's anxiety and stress. The song has a frantic beat and a rapid chorus that sings "I run, I run, I run". The tenth track, "House'llelujah", is a house song that praises the power of music. The song has a gospel influence and a catchy chorus that sings "House'llelujah". The eleventh track, "Cheese", is the title track of the album and the only instrumental song. The song has a funky groove and showcases Stromae's production skills. The twelfth track, "Alors On Danse (90's Remix)", is a bonus track that remixes the hit single with a 90's style. The remix has a retro sound and adds some rap verses by MC Zali.

Stromae - Cheese (Lossless) (2010) is an impressive debut album that demonstrates Stromae's talent and versatility as an artist. The album offers a variety of genres and moods, from dance to ballad, from humor to sadness. The album also delivers Stromae's message and vision of the world, with his clever and original lyrics. Stromae - Cheese (Lossless) (2010) is an album that deserves to be listened to in high quality format.

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