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Best Place To Buy Used Vinyl

This Chicago-based outlet specializes in funk, soul, reggae, jazz, gospel, hip-hop, and other popular genres, though they have offerings from other major genres as well. One of the best attributes of Dusty Groove, aside from the name and huge collection, is that it updates its inventory every day. The site also boasts competitive pricing and offers discounted prices for used vinyl. At first glance, it can be a tad overwhelming, but the site is well-organized, well-stocked, and one of the most well-respected record stores in the space.

best place to buy used vinyl

These days, everyone has their preferred method of daily entertainment whether it be music, books, movies, or a variety of other media types. For many true music lovers, the old fashioned vinyl record is the best way to go. In-person shopping can be an exciting way to find new music and old favorites. However, stores may be limited in product, and are oftentimes difficult to physically sort through as it can take hours to find what you like.

Online shopping is an easy route for all your purchases, including vinyl records! Each online store listed is unique and offers different services, products, and online tools. Some customers may be looking to start a vinyl collection at home, which some sites are more suited for. Other customers may be new to the vinyl world and would like an expert to guide them in their journey to find the best products for the best prices, and to discover their personal music tastes. Or, like many music lovers, you might be interested in a more community based company where you can collaborate with other customers, review music together, buy/sell products from others, and view their collections online to help grow your own. Whatever your preferences and needs, you may find your best fit in one of these sites. Here are 10 of the best online vinyl record stores.

For those seeking quality reassurance, Vinyl Pursuit is one of the best online vinyl stores for vintage record collectors. Knowing that buying used records online can often be hit or miss regarding the accuracy of condition grades applied to vintage albums, Vinyl Pursuit set out to improve the situation.

Today, Turntable Lab is a trusted go-to online record store for a wide range of vinyl records, HiFi equipment, and DJ gear. Their dedicated staff of musicians, producers, and DJs are actively involved in hand-curating the best records and gear drawn from over 20 years in the business.

Music is such a personal and subjective topic. Ultimately, the best place to buy records online is the place that suits your unique musical taste and service requirements. Some like the spontaneity and sense of serendipity that subscribing to a record club can bring; others prefer a more proactive approach to growing a record collection and the thrill of finding those holy-grain first pressings.

Keep your smartphone with you whenever you go shopping for second-hand vinyl. With the best will in the world, the shop owner is unlikely to be able to keep up with the varying value of what is in their shop.

The Vinyl Underground, also known as the sickest place to shop for vinyl records in the KC metro and beyond, drops new vinyl every Thursday from every genre, every era, and from both popular and obscure artists. Some of our most recent releases include Bud Powell, Ghost, Richard Thompson, Pink Floyd, Tears for Fears, Mitski, and Quincy Jones.

Their clients range widely; they have local DJs scouring their racks of vinyl for shows at clubs around town and they also have sophisticated jazz enthusiasts who visit for new and used jazz on CDs and vinyl.

Pre-1970s vinyl is generally considered as some of the best original pressings you can get. You can even find reissues that were created pre-70s which sound fantastic. A couple of reasons why original pressings sound so good from this period is because it was a golden age for record production and basically the only medium that people bought their records on. Care was taken to produce them and the competition was rife, so record companies would compete to create the best mixes and production techniques. There was also a very skilled labour force and many production plants of which were still relatively new and in perfect working order.

Not really a simple question to answer, some re-issues sound miles than the originals as the 20-30 years of technology ie half speed masters and better gear can improve the sound significantly (see 2014 beatles mono) probably the best versions of most of the beatles records. But there are also moments where the re-issues are done badly (see rem green). Totally depends on the source analogue tape source sound warm, but digital source can give you more detail, the mastering engineer (see some good ones bob ludwig, kevin Gray, Bernie Grundman) and the technology used, and then also the pressing plant and label. As an audio engineer, some advice is have a listen and do your research. There are terrible re-issues and terrible originals, hope you get the good ones

eBay is another popular online marketplace for selling your vinyls online. There are two ways to go about it: You can set a price for your items or use the auction method for collectors to bid at the best price.

If you are lucky enough, a big collector might buy your entire stack of records and leave you big money on the table. The best part is you can bring other items to sell and, in the process, attract more people to your vinyl collection.

The best vinyl for tumblers is Oracal 651 permanent vinyl found here. This vinyl will last a long time on your tumblers. It does not need to be sealed unless of course, you are doing an epoxy tumbler, then putting epoxy over it is fine.

Looking for the best record stores in Brooklyn to add to your collection of vinyl or start your first collection? Record players have made a resurgence over the past few years and for some, they never went out of style.

Another awesome record store in Brooklyn and old school barbershop located in Fort Greene is Head Sounds Records. Find a carefully curated selection of used vinyl records organized by genre including jazz, funk, soul, disco, Latin, Caribbean, tropical, African, Brazilian, psych, blues, and more.

Amoeba is one of the best places to buy vinyl records online, but it also has a local record store as well. Amoeba Music claims to be the largest independent record store in the country, and even the world. Its online store is a dream for all music fans. It has an easy-to-navigate website which makes it easy for all in the vinyl community to find a particular record.

The best place to buy vinyl records will also have various payment options available regardless of your location. Whether you are in San Francisco or New Orleans or even in a different country, credit cards and third-party payment sites should be offered.

What makes Diabolical the best SLC record store is their passion for the local music scene. Some of my first Diabolical experiences were seeing local bands like Foster Body, JAWWZZ (later Sculpture Club), Chalk, Brain Bagz, Choir Boy, and The Nods play the store like their hearts were going to stop if they stopped. Diabolical also hosts Bandemonium, a one of a kind show where musicians and non-musicians alike are placed into random bands and have a few days to come up with songs. Touring bands like Soft Kill, Cool Ghouls, and the Coathangers have also made stops at the store.

Shop until you are hungry enough for a meal. Not your average record shop, Easy Street Records is a whole record store, coffee bar and diner rolled into one. With vegetarian options as well as every genre of music available, you will not go wrong with choosing to shop here. The shop stocks new and used CDs, vinyl records, DVDs and BluRays, new books, magazines, and company-branded merchandise. Easy Street Records and Cafe also hosts in-store performances which they stream via their YouTube channel.

If you find yourself in Georgetown, pop into Georgetown Records. Besides selling records, the spot hosts live music, book signings, and art events with their neighbors, Fantagraphics Books. The shop focuses on used vinyl and buys records on Saturdays from noon to 5 pm. If you are searching for cheap vinyl, Georgetown Records has a well-stocked 50-cent bin that is perfect for anyone who loves a good hunt.

Self-proclaimed as the shop to carry the largest selection of both new and used CDs, DVDs, and vinyl in the Northwest, Silver Platters has such a large collection that it spans three separate locations. The shop offers a view into their catalogue online, where you can sift through their endless collection of music and movies before you head into the store.

There is always something amazing about the thrill that vinyl aficionados feel after finding a rare record. The enthralling aspect of the record collection revolves around the hunt. Or maybe it has to do with holding the record you just found in your hands, appreciating the art, and dropping the needle. It is the best way to listen to music for most people. For the newbies who are just trying to make way into the world of record collection, you can start by finding your local record stores by exploring the 5 best vinyl record stores in Miami, FL.

If you browse through any of the 5 best Vinyl record stores in Miami that we have listed on this informative guide, you are most likely going to find that new or old release that you want. All you need to do is ask their friendly staff, and they will always have an expert to help you with any queries that you might have. With most of the record store owners doing everything possible to boost their stock, these guys seem to understand almost everything about the best vinyl records.

Now, are you wondering which vinyl record store in St Pete and Clearwater is worth your visit? Worry not - our list below shows unique stores within this area where you can buy both fresh and used records.

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