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Stuff To Buy Off Amazon __FULL__

While working from home, you might have noticed the air in your space feels a little stuffy. But an air purifier can help us breathe easier and reduces allergens and other airborne particles. Aside from being our favorite air purifier in our round-up for the best air purifiers, the Winix 5500-2 has thoughtful additions like a sleep mode, a light sensor that automatically adjusts back-lighting, and a timer. More than 10,000 reviewers also rave about its practically non-existent noise levels, easy-to-replace filters, and ability to immediately improve air quality, especially in homes with lots of pets. These are just some of the reasons why it maintains a 4.7-star rating.

stuff to buy off amazon

We all know that person who's been saying they "need to go to the gym today" for the past year. Give the gift of daily inspo with a Fitbit. The ability to track steps, calories burned, heart rate, and other fitness-related stuff can seriously sprinkle some motivation on lazy days, and everyone could use sleep tracking. You can grab the Fitbit Charge 3 and variations of the Fitbit Versa on sale(Opens in a new tab), including the Fitbit Versa 2 with Alexa built in. (Certain colors are already sold out, so act fast.)

cotedan87 Agreed and good to know they are already on AWS in some capacity. The problem as I see it beyond privacy is if you look at the alternatives they just are not as good. I've been an eero member since they first launched and have left them twice for better tech but just did not find it and ultimately the stuff ended up on CL, ebay or Facebook for sale. Google's tech was fine when compared to gen 1 of eero but gen 2 is on an entirely different level with performance. Netgear's Obi did not perform well, left empty spots in my house, their app just sucked, and these things are unsightly in the house. I have really nothing to comment on about Linksys except I moved away when mesh started. While I appreciate and share the concern over privacy, there is a reason we are all here on the eero forums and that is we choose eero because we feel it's a great product and offering. I would let the dust settle, see what communication comes out either from eero or Amazon and get a sense of where the product will go. As I mentioned before Amazon has a history and reputation of innovation on acquisitions not shuttering. From my perspective this was a strategic buy from Bezo's the future is going to be bright. (A check was put in the mail last week from him...LOL ?)

I find it amazing that people have decided to vacate the platform without knowing what is going to manifest from this buyout. I'm reserving my opinion and delaying my decision until I see what will come about. I've been disappointed that a request was made 2 years ago followed by hundreds of seconds that due to internet providers enforcing data caps, we need to know what our total monthly traffic is and ideally know the monthly data usage at the device level. But there's been nothing from eero in this regard. Additionally, eero plus offers no real benefits. The eero hardware is great and the software has been very stable for me. But there needs to be more software functionality and more configurability. Amazon ownership may expedite this. Then again, they may prioritize stuff I don't need, want, or care about. Right now, nobody knows. 041b061a72


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