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Valentine Costin
Valentine Costin

BMW INPA 3 01 DIS SSS And DIAG HEAD With Instuctionsl UPD

Printing to the host computer from the DIS is included - works on Windows XP through Windows Windows 11. The files are pre-configured to print to a PDF file, and then are saved to your host computer for later review or printing (since most of us do not have printers near our cars). Printing from the SSS Progman is also handled, but for convenience sake, it is saved as a PDF file inside the SSS environment, where you can drag and drop it to your host system. Note that if you are using a factory BMW diagnostic head, printing through the virtual network does not work as the machines physical network is used. However, printing will still work if you switch interfaces in the DIS and VMware or if you are using the OEM head through a router and not directly connected to the PC.

BMW INPA 3 01 DIS SSS And DIAG HEAD With Instuctionsl


We have full support for USB EDIABAS interface cables, as well as Serial ADS and K-Line cables, the factory BMW DK multiplexer (also known as a Yellow Head and sometimes incorrectly as a ) as well as the BMW OPS and OPPS diagnostic multiplexers. Included are utility programs to configure the system to use whichever diagnostic interface you need. The primary tool is the EZCableSelect utility which reconfigures the EDIABAS configuration files to match whichever cable you need at the moment. It will recognize both standard Serial Ports built into the machine, and those virtual serial ports created by the FTDI installation. When you are using a USB cable, there are special utilities used to configure the cable (and that only need to be run one time per USB cable) as well the Cable Select utility that will configure the system. Complete support to use the EDIABAS with the factory heads is included.

There are a couple of limitations to using a serial ADS cable that you should be aware of. First ADS cable drivers will only run properly on Windows XP so if you plan on diagnosing/coding an ADS car you need Windows XP. Second, the SSS Progman, does not reliably connect to ADS cars. We have had very mixed results in success with this (generally we believe it will not work). However, the DIS v44 has complete functionality with ADS cars and you can perform any task through the DIS that you could with the SSS Progman, and for those with the oldest BMW's we also offer (via download) the DIS v39.


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