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Csr Harmony Bluetooth Software Stack Skype [UPD]

BlueWiseLE is the Bluetooth Low Energy certified protocol stack software product from Alpwise. It includes the Link Layer[42] and also the Host stack (i.e. upper layers above the HCI).[43] The Link Layer controls the radio and the timing of the Bluetooth communication in three possible chipset configurations: SoC, co-processor or HCI. Several proprietary BLE profiles are also available including Voice over BLE and Firmware update Over the Air (FOTA).[44]

Csr harmony bluetooth software stack skype

Download File:

So after some research, I found that Broadcom still implements a custom Bluetooth stack in their WIDCOMM software. I bought a Broadcom-based Bluetooth dongle and just installed it. While it has much greater functionality, it is still missing the call audio feature.

I have purchased a CSR based bluetooth device that came with a CSR Harmony software disk and after installing it I was able to use the Hands-Free audio service to use my computer headset with my phone. 350c69d7ab

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