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Soundtracker Social Network Feels Like A K-Tel Version Of Last.FM

Visually impaired users engage in major photo-related activities as actively as other Facebook users, considered by them as part of the social network experience. However, most of the time the practices that include taking and editing photos as well as providing an alternative text for it, involved getting help from trusted sighted contacts [10,16,17] or implementing workarounds for conducting such activities [1]. In a survey conducted by Mathur et al. [10], friends and family members of visually impaired users reported having written an alternative text for some of the photos they uploaded to social media, but they also conveyed that writing alternative text is time consuming and requires more thought than inaccessible uploading practices. Although these last outcomes may seem contrasting with the really low percentage of images posted on Twitter that contained alternative texts observed by Gleason et al. [7], they also observed that images exposed to visually impaired users contained descriptions slightly more often than the average. Moreover, according to Wu et al. [17] visually impaired users are much more likely to have friends who are also visually impaired.

Soundtracker social network feels like a K-Tel version of Last.FM

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