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Stephen King It Ebook Ita Torrent

As a native English speaker with 8 years of study in Latin and half a lifetime studying French (and keeping up with it via podcast) who's done "7-week crash-studies for travel" in Spanish and Italian, and as someone who NEVER looks at a new language when first studying it (I'm great with the written part -- it's my fluid-pronunciation handicap I need to immerse myself in), I decided to try Michel Thomas for Portuguese because all my old favorite audio-only standbys (Instant Immersion 2000-era casettes with the "Ann Johnson" narrative, the Rush Hour singalong series, etc.) weren't available in Portuguese. I'm about an hour into the 1st CD of an 8-CD set and I love it. But that's for my very specific situation already knowing all the grammar, and merely wanting an easily-memorizeable way to transfer that knowledge to new words and pronunciation. After an hour of listening as I fell asleep, with a quick 1-minute listen to my last bit where I left off in the morning, I was able to spend my trip into work writing "illiterate pronunciation keys" of words & phrases I remembered learning into a notebook and come up with a sentence to show off to my Brazilian friend at the office ("It is not important to you, but I want it now, because it is very urgent to me.") [I apologized that I only knew confrontational sentences because, with the method's initial focus on rearranging the same 20 words into 40 permutations, I'd mostly learned conversation-turning words like "no," "but," "why," "because," etc! But I knew she'd get a kick out of the sentence since she works in customer service, and indeed she understood me.] So anyway, so far so good when it comes to picking up a spare Romance language when you already know many others. The whole "start w/ cognates and pronounce them right in small sentences" thing is really working for me in this context.

Stephen King It Ebook Ita Torrent

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