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Tiger Tiger Tank Mod 3 __FULL__

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Would be possible to have a 3d model that encompasses both, a fuel tank and the refuelling probe So when you load the drop tank the refueling probe is added too And would be possible to have the refuelling probe fixed so is not jettisoned If we drop the tank

If linked to droptanks no, it will be a 3d part of the droptank. Of a conventional, functional one (or two If we use the wing ones). In many missions, mainly A-G I never jetison my tanks. As trying to simulate a "poor" country AF, each droptank is only dropped If not other alternative, even Israel changed his policy from dropping when enemies were detected, to drop only in case of contact.

The T-55 is a post-war first-generation medium tank developed in the Soviet Union. The T-55 is equipped with the NBC defense system as standard on the T-54, and is a vehicle with improved engine horsepower, the addition of a servo mechanism and more, and the number of ammunition mounted on the main gun is increased to 43, from 34 on the T-54. The firepower was also enhanced. The T-55A was adopted in 1962, with the 7.62mm fixed machine gun on the right side of the driver's seat removed, and a radiation protection cover attached to the cupola and hatch. The T-55A is classified into two types: the early model produced by 1969, and the late model produced after the 1970s.

The 1942 defeat at Stalingrad was the high water mark of the German advance on the Eastern Front. Although often called the turning point of the war, Germany retained the strategic initiative until the battle of Kursk in the summer of 1943. Technically, the Soviet tank force in the summer of 1943 was not significantly different from its condition in mid-1942. By now, the Soviet factories were turning out T-34s in increasing numbers, and it had become the staple of the Red Army's tank and mechanized corps. It was still armed with the same 76mm gun as in 1942 and protected by the same level of armor.

The KV-1 had proven a dissappointment in 1942. It lacked 'firepower' advantage over the T-34 and its armor was no longer invulnerable to German antitank weapons as it had been in 1941. Its weight caused tactical mobility problems without conferring relative invulnerability, and it was plagued by lingering technical problems, especially poor transmission. As a result, its armor thickness was actually reduced in 1942, and the KV-1 was removed from the tank corps and segregated into separate tank regiments for infantry support. A portion of the production lines at Chelyabinsk shifted to T-34 production and consideration was given to ending heavy tank production completely in favor of the T-34.

In the area of light armor, the T-60 light tank was being joined by the modestly improved T-70 light tank. Both types would have dissappeared but for the fact that their factories did not have heavy machinery capable of turning out T-34s. The main improvements in the Soviet armored force in 1942 were tactical, not technical, particularly the maturation of the new tank and mechanized corps.In June 1942, the Red Army authorized the development of a "universal tank." The idea was to combine the better armor of the KV with the superior mobility of the T-34; the tank gun remained the same. The universal tank would replace both the T-34 and the KV-1. The heavier armor was necessary as the advent of the German long 75mm gun in May 1942 had made the T-34 vulnerable for the first time to the standard German tank at normal combat ranges.

The T-43 or KV-13 might have entered production in the summer of 1943 but for the arrival of excellent new German tanks. Tiger Is were encountered in small numbers on the Leningrad front starting in January 1943 and one was promptly captured by the Soviets and examined. Although clearly superior to the KV in armor, mobility and firepower, few were encountered in combat before the summer of 1943.

But during the battle of Kursk in June 1943, the Germans introduced the first Panthers, and the numbers of Tigers dram

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