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Skachat Linux Mint 15 Rus Torrent

When LM15 stable was released, I decided to do a fresh install of Windows7 and a re-arranging of the booting process. While installing LM15, I opted to create a separate partition for /boot. This way, the Windows booting process is not interfered with, which should make installing a new LM distribution in the future less problematic. Not unimportant, now that Mint is only updated for 8 months. The only thing that has changed is that I now opt for Mint in a Windows opening screen, rather than the Grub menu.Should anyone be interested doing it this way, look here: -to-dual-boot-linux-mint-13-cinnamonmate-and-windows-7/

skachat linux mint 15 rus torrent

Hey ,I successfully installed utorrent server on my linux machine as a service and can access the web ui. However, everytime I try to download a torrent, it starts downloading at 5/10Mbps then after 4-5 seconds it immediately stops (no error reported). Anybody know how i can solve this?Thanks in advance

There is no official repository for FrostWire bittorrent client on deb based system and we can instll it through deb file which can be easily downloaded from FrostWire website. This will sutiable for deb based system such as Debian, Ubuntu & mint, etc.., 041b061a72

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